Dark Country Game Update 0.2.0 🔥

Dark Country Game Update V. 0.2.0 🔥

 What’s new:

Guild house and Guild Wars added 

  • Possibility to create and join guilds.
  • Ability to take part in guild wars
  • Messages and Notifications added
  • You will now receive in game notification’s about events that are  coming to the game.

Bug fixes:

  • Weekly and Land tournaments:
  • Game froze if one of the opponents lost internet connection 
  • Weekly leaderboard did not show victories count


  • - One of the players got stuck in infinite search
  • - Game froze if opponent lost his internet connection

Custom Game:

  • Sometimes room was not created successfully
  • Completed game did not disappear from the list of available games after the game was over
  •  Player which created room was set to ready by default and game started straight after opponent joined and pressed ready
  • Game glitched if any of players lost their connection during the countdown to start the duel

Barracks and Leasing:

  • No save button was available if you went to edit menu and removed or changed your first card
  • Some players received standard deck instead of their custom made one
  • Some of the leased cards were not removed from their main deck after their expiration date
  • Some of the leased cards were not available to be added to existing deck
  • Some cards were not available to be leased
  •  A lot of cards available for leasing were shown ass inactive and were not available for rent.
  • General changes:

Mechanics of following cards were changed:

  • Sinful Sheppard
  • Lightwielder
  • Blood Dagger
  • Crow Queen
  • Ghost of P. G. T. Beauregard
  • Bug when during the duel game froze got fixed
  • Bug when card got stuck to cursor was fixed
  •  When game started without internet connection a wrong message appeared

 When internet got disconnected after login an infinite loading appeared without any notifications

  • If internet connection was fixed during loading screen loading still not finishes and no notification appears.
  •  Fixed animation glitches on some cards


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